Billing Services

Information for students regarding third party billing student accounts

When a student is authorized for third party billing, the student’s account may show a “0” balance and appear to the student that his tuition and fees are paid. The student should be aware that there are “subcodes” which identify whether or not a payment has actually been received or if that status is third-party billed but no payment received.

For newly enrolled students, the $100.00 Property Deposit is a one-time fee per academic program which is not billed to the sponsor. This fee is a refundable fee paid to the student only when the student completes his/her academic program.

All third party billing is now being processed by Student Business Services (SBS).  For more information regarding third party billing at Texas A&M University, please visit

Activity on the student’s account

  • Whenever there is activity on a student’s account, the student will receive an email from Student Business Services.

  • Students should contact SBS at regarding their third party billing.

  • Students are responsible for any balances not paid by the sponsor