International Families

On this page, we have links to various resources that will help provide spouses and family members of our international with an enriched cultural, professional and personal experience during their stay in Bryan/ College Station area. Contact us at if you have any questions.

ISS and ISFS hold monthly meetings to address professional and cultural needs of the spouses of our international students and scholars. The meetings are held every third Friday of the month in the Fall and Spring Semester. This is an excellent way to meet more spouses and interact with your ISS and ISFS advisors. 
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If you are or will be in the U.S. as a family member in F-2 or F-1 visa status, you can familiarize yourself with the most important regulations concerning your visa status by following this link.
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Bryan-College Station is a very welcoming community. You will encounter a very friendly local population, as well as a large international population. There are several resources offered to help make your stay in Bryan and College Station more comfortable and fun.
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Every month ISS emails the spouses of our students a newsletter with information that will be pertinent to them. The topics we cover in our articles range from events happening in the community, to cultural information about the holidays celebrated in the US, to useful practical information like how to apply for a driving license. 
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