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International Student Services (ISS) provides immigration document processing and other services and assistance to international students attending Texas A&M University campuses throughout the State of Texas. The information provided throughout the ISS website is applicable to all international students. However, students who are not located on the main Texas A&M campus in College Station, TX do have to interact with ISS in a different way. For this reason, we have created webpages for each campus to provide helpful information and contacts. 
Click on the icons below to find helpful ISS-specific information, including the contact information for your campus’ ISS liaison.
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Additional TAMU Campus Information

The International Student Services (ISS) office is located on the main Texas A&M University campus in College Station, Texas. Although there is not an international student office located on each campus outside of College Station, all international students attending Texas A&M University at Galveston, the Health Science Center and the School of Law do have full access to the ISS office in College Station.
All ISS advisors are available to assist you and can process requests for you. Even if you cannot visit our office in person, requests can be submitted to ISS via email (iss@tamu.edu), fax (979-862-46330), or mail (1226 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843-1226). We are also happy to conduct appointments with you over the phone. Appointments do need to be scheduled in advance by calling ISS at 979-845-1824.
One ISS advisor is designated to serve as a liaison for our various campuses in order to make sure we are meeting the needs of our international students outside of College Station as best as we can. This advisor also arranges an on-campus visit to each campus at least once per year so you have an opportunity to meet with an ISS representative in-person.

In addition, at least one individual at each campus has been designated as an ISS liaison. They serve as your on-campus contact and can assist you with communicating with ISS as needed. Contact information for each of these campus liaisons can be found on the pages linked above. 
Any Texas A&M University student who is not a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident is considered to be an international student. All new international students students are required to complete an online New Student Check-In program with ISS through Terra Dotta before enrolling for their first semester. The purpose of the New Student Check-In is to confirm that F-1 and J-1 international students have arrived in the U.S. and are complying with federal regulations. Prior to their arrival, all international students are blocked from course registration. F-1 and J-1 students must complete the New Student Check-In through Terra Dotta in order to have the ISS Check-In registration hold removed. Visit the ISS Registration Holds webpage for information about how to have other common registration holds removed.

For a list of documents that will be needed in order to complete the online New Student Check-In program, please visit the ISS Check-In webpage.

Students participating in one of the Engineering Academy programs or TEAM will not be required to do the full ISS Check-In process when first admitted to the University. Please visit the Texas A&M University Co-Enrollment Partnerships webpage for further details.

If you will be enrolling as a Distance Learning student from inside the U.S.:

  1. The following should be emailed to iss@tamu.edu. No action will be required in Terra Dotta at this time.
    • An email from the student’s academic department at Texas A&M University stating that the student is currently inside the U.S. and will be taking courses by distance education. The email should include the student’s full name and UIN.
    • Proof of co-enrollment authorization or a ‘no objection’ letter from the institution that issued the student’s I-20 or DS-2019 granting them permission to enroll at Texas A&M University
  2. If the student will be physically located inside the U.S. during their enrollment and they are in any status other than F-1 or J-1, they should follow the steps outlined in the New Students with Statuses Other than F-1 or J-1 section of the You are admitted: Now What? webpage and submit the New Students Other Immigration Status Check-In program through Terra Dotta.
  3. Visit the Distance Learners section of the ISS webpage for more information.

If you will be enrolling as a Distance Learning student from outside the U.S.:

Visit the Distance Learners section of the ISS webpage for more information.
  • Texas A&M University SNA214F00334000 (located in College Station, TX)
  • Texas A&M University Galveston SNA214F00334001
  • Texas A&M University School of Law SNA214F00334003
  • Texas A&M Health Science Center
    • Kingsville HLG214F09976000
    • McAllen HLG214F09976001
    • Houston HOU214F00582000
    • Bryan SNA214F00127000
    • College Station SNA214F00127003
    • Round Rock SNA214F00127002
    • Temple SNA214F00127001
  • Texas A&M College of Dentistry DAL214F00190000
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