For information about temporary accommodations upon your arrival to the Bryan/College Station area, please refer to the Transportation and Temporary Accommodation section on Arrival Information page.

The majority of undergraduate and graduate international students live in apartments located off campus. Many students share an apartment with another student to lower costs. Recently, new students had much difficulty locating off-campus housing when arriving less than two weeks prior to classes. Apartment managers require proof that you are able to pay your rent.

To help in your search for long-term housing, please visit the following websites:
  • Off Campus Student Services (OCSS) is the on-campus office that specializes in helping students find temporary and permanent housing upon their arrival to the Bryan/College Station area. OCSS’ Off-Campus Housing webpage provides a variety of information about off-campus housing options.
  • Aggiesearch - Find housing and roommates in the Bryan/College Station area
  • Utilities Information - This handout provides important information about water, sewage, electricity, natural gas, telephone service, postal services, and more.
At Texas A&M University, students have the option to live on-campus either in Residence Halls or the University Apartments. To help in your search for On-Campus housing, please visit the Department of Residence Life’s website at http://reslife.tamu.edu. Students must be admitted to TAMU-College Station (main campus) before they can apply for on-campus housing at TAMU-College Station. You do not need to accept your admissions offer to apply for housing; you just need to be offered admission to Texas A&M.

Important! New students interested in living on-campus should note that you have to apply very early! On-campus housing can fill up as early as February for the Fall semester.

How to Apply
To apply for on-campus housing, visit http://reslife.tamu.edu/apply/ then click on the “Apply for Housing” button. You will be given several options on how you want to live and pay; either “pay by the semester,” which is for traditional residence halls and limited apartments, or “pay by the month,” which is for an apartment. Once you have decided on how you want to live, you are ready to start the application process.
  • If you select “pay by the semester” then you will have a choice between residence halls, Corps of Cadets halls, and apartment buildings. Opportunity to apply for these is limited so apply early! If you are able to apply, once you pay the deposit and application fee, then you have a guaranteed space on campus.
  • If you select “pay by the month” then you will have the choice between several styles of apartments. Applications for the apartments are open year-around, but you are not guaranteed a space/apartment until you are offered a housing contract, it is signed, and you have paid the deposit.
If you find that on-campus housing is already full for the Fall semester and you would prefer to live on-campus, send an email to iss@tamu.edu with your full name, UIN, and preferred on-campus housing location by no later than April 30th. ISS reserves a few on-campus housing spaces for international students each year for the Fall semester only and there may still be availability. Please note that this is not a guarantee. All reserved/unclaimed spaces will be reclaimed by the Department of Residence Life by May 1st each year. Unfortunately, ISS is unable to assist you with finding on-campus housing after April 30th. Please contact the Department of Residence Life directly if you have questions after April 30th.

When to Arrive
Students planning to live on-campus at should be aware that the Department of Residence Life designates specific dates as the official move-in dates for each semester. Please visit the Department of Residence Life website, to determine the move-in date for semester in which you will begin your degree program. Students may request an early move-in date for their on-campus residence hall by sending an e-mail to the Housing Assignments Office (housing@tamu.edu) with their full name, UIN, reason for wanting to move in early, and the date that they would like to move-in. Such requests will be handled and approved on a case-by-case basis. Students are not guaranteed to obtain approval for early move-in.If approved to move in early, you will be charged a per night rate for moving into your residence hall. The total charge will depend upon the style of residence hall and the number of nights you are there early.

All students arriving prior to their earliest permissible move-in date will need to find off-campus temporary accommodations until they are permitted to move-in. Information about temporary accommodations can be found at Transportation and Temporary Accommodation section on Arrival Information page.