Academic Training Extension

The U.S. State Department allows J-1 students ("student" category on the DS-2019) to engage in Academic Training during or after completion of an academic program when the student:
  • Is in the U.S. primarily to study rather than to engage in Academic Training;
  • Is or will be participating in training that is directly related to his/her field of study listed on the DS-2019 (i.e. it cannot be changing a degree plan to accommodate an employment offer and calling it an internship);
  • Is in good academic standing and in a legal program status;
  • Participates in training that is an integral or critical part of his/her academic program;
  • Receives, before beginning the training, written authorization from the Responsible or Alternate Responsible Officer (RO/ARO) of the J-1 program. International Student Services (ISS) Advisors are the AROs who can authorize the training if Texas A&M issued the Form DS-2019.
  • Sponsored students must see a Sponsored Student Programs (SSP) Advisor before applying. Students with DS-2019 issued by agencies other than Texas A&M University will receive instructions from SSP.

Written authorization is necessary whether the training is paid or unpaid. Unpaid Academic Training is permitted only prior to completion of a program, except for students who are supported from sources such as the home government.

If you plan to extend your J-1 Academic Training with the same or with a new employer you will need to submit the documents listed on the J-1 Academic Training Page.