Tax Assistance Days

Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 and the recommendations by the A&M Provost Office, ISS had decided to CANCEL the Tax Assitance Days

While the event will no longer be available there are still resources available for assistance with filing your taxes through Sprintax. ISS encourages all students who have questions regarding filing your taxes to use the “Ask Sally” feature to live chat with Sprintax, send emails to, or call 1-866-601-5695.

Needed documents:
  • Your Immigration Documents
    • I-20/DS-2019
    • Passport
    • Visa
    • I-94 (Including your travel history!)
  • Your Tax documents
    • W-2 (if present)
      • If you were employed on campus, you will need to look in Workday (accessible from to find your Form W-2 or it may have been mailed to you
    • 1042-S (If present)
      • Check each of your GLACIER accounts at to see if you have been issued a Form 1042-S
    • 1099 (if applicable)
  • Your bank account information (only required if you wish to have your potential tax refund directly deposited into your account)

PLEASE NOTE: International Student Services Advisors and Staff are NOT Tax Professionals or Certified Public Accountants. ANY ADVICE IN THIS COMMUNICATION IS INTENDED FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY.

Event Details
DATE: To Be Determined

The Tax Assistance Days have been cancelled.

Please contact Sprintax with any questions or assistance needed.
* Use the Ask Sally to live chat with Sprintax
* Email them at
* Call 1-800-601-5694

LOCATION: To Be Determined