If a student plans to take a semester off or enroll in courses outside the United States, we ask the student to schedule an appointment with an ISS advisor to discuss how this will impact their immigration status. From the Academic Department we ask that you provide us the following letter (on TAMU letterhead) to describe the student's situation:
  1. That the Academic Department gives the student permission to register inabsentia while outside the United States.
  2. The current location of the student
  3. The semester for which the student will register inabsentia.
  4. The number of credit hours that will be taken while inabsentia
  5. The expected graduation date.
  6. The statement, "should the student need to return to the U.S. at a later date, the Academic Department will be responsible for notifying ISS so that the appropriate immigration paperwork can be issued."

This document can be emailed to ISS at