English Language Proficiency Exam (ELPE) & ELPE Practice Session


Texas A&M University requires international students to verify their proficiency with the English language. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. The requirements differ for undergraduate and graduate students. Graduate students who plan to serve as a graduate teaching assistant or in any other teaching position (i.e. instructor, lecturer, etc.) are required by State of Texas law to obtain English Proficiency Certification. All other students must be at least English Proficiency Verified. For detailed information about how to achieve English Proficiency Verification and/or Certification, visit the English Language Institute’s English Language Proficiency Requirements webpage.

The English Language Proficiency Exam (ELPE) is offered by Texas A&M University to all international students for the purpose of English Proficiency Verification and/or Certification. Some international students will be required to take the ELPE if they are unable to meet the English Proficiency Verification and/or Certification requirements by any other means. The ELPE is administered by the Texas A&M University unit, Data and Research Services (DARS).

For the ELPE schedule and registration, please visit the DARS ELPE webpage.

The ELPE contains 6 segments:

  • Oral Skills Assessment
  • Composition (Writing) Skills Assessment
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Listening Comprehension

A passing score for graduate students is at least 80 on four sections (listening, reading, speaking, and writing). For undergraduate students, a passing score is at least 70 in all six sections.

There are some reference materials in the Sterling C. Evans Library at Texas A&M. Some books are held on reserve at the Reserve Desk, and audio tapes may be checked out in the Learning Resource Department. Except for the oral interview and composition segments of the ELPE, students may prepare ahead of time by studying for the Michigan Test Battery, since this standardized test makes up a large part of the ELPE.

The English Language Institute provides information about the ELPE on their website as well: http://eli.tamu.edu/tamustudents/proficiency.php.

Students are encouraged to attend the ELPE Practice Session facilitated by ISS to get general assistance with preparing for the ELPE.

The ELPE Practice Session will take place 100 of the Harrington Education Center Classroom Building (HECC 100) on Friday, January 9th, 2015 beginning at 9:00am.

  • Students who would like general assistance with preparing for the ELPE are encouraged to attend.
  • This session will emphasize the writing section of the test, as well as give an overview of what to expect and provide tips to prepare for the exam.
  • Bring something to write with to take notes.

To attend, please go to the Event Registration System website at https://ers.tamu.edu/ and login with your net ID and password and view events hosted by International Student Services. When you register you will receive an email confirmation to your tamu.edu email. You can also view your registration to confirm or cancel on the Event Registration system in the “My Registrations” tab. Please remember to only sign up for one date and time and to cancel your appointment if you are no longer able to attend. Remember to register soon as space is limited!

For directions to the Harrington Education Center Classroom building, please refer to the following link:http://aggiemap.tamu.edu/?Bldg=0438

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