Online Letter Request System


This system allows international students to request letters online instead of filling out a paper-based form and dropping it off at the ISS office. Please be aware that standard processing times are 5 to 20 business days depending on ISS work load.

The letters that can be requested through the Online Letter Request System are listed below:

  • Other School Enrollment Letter: used if an student is requesting permission to attend classes at another university during a vacation while remaining an F-1 or J-1 student at Texas A&M University.
    NOTE THAT if you plan to enroll "concurrently" at Texas A&M and the other school, you should complete a Co-enrollment Form (also available in the ISS Lobby) instead of this letter.

Online Letter Request System also enables the students to track the status of their online letter request and to view the weekly letter request statistics and processing times.

Students can log on to the Online Letter Request System using their NetID and password.

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