Sponsored Students

Sponsored Student Programs (SSP) is a unit within International Student Services that provides specialized administrative services, third party billing, advising, and other program management related to the specific requirements for sponsored students. SSP serves as a liaison with academic departments, the Texas A&M University campus, sponsored students and their sponsors.

 A Texas A&M sponsored student is a student who, in pursuing his or her educational objective in the United States, seeks admission to TAMU under any of the following conditions:
  • The student’s educational program is the result of a written agreement between the United States government and a foreign government or a written agreement between an American and foreign educational institution or;
  • The student receives primary financial support from a source other than personal or family funds or a Texas A&M academic department or;
  • The student’s educational objective has been agreed to by both prospective student and sponsor and may not be changed without the written approval of the sponsor.
(NOTE: Financial support for a sponsored student may be provided by the United States government, the government of the prospective student’s home country, an international organization, or other private or public entities.)
Specialized Services

The Sponsored Student Programs’ team provides a variety of support services to international sponsored students whose academic programs are being funded by governments, international organizations, public and private companies or other such entities. Among many other services, Sponsored Student Programs provides the following :
  • Designs academic programs to meet needs of sponsors and the educational objectives of students, oversees student progress toward achieving these objectives, and provides academic progress reports to sponsors;
  • Partners with English Language Institute (ELI) to help sponsored students in ELI apply to Texas A&M University;
  • Coordinates with academic advisors to ensure departmental compliance with sponsor objectives;
  • Advising appointments related to services, sponsorship, third party billing, immigration, or others issues not listed
  • Services to communicate to sponsors such as phone, fax, and copy machine;
  • SAT, TOEFL, and GRE registration assistance, learning materials and study guides;
  • Consultation and referral to free on-campus resources for assistance with tutoring, counseling, improved study techniques, test taking strategies, writing assistance, dispute resolution, stress management, cultural integration, and other issues;
  • Guide students to get involved in on-campus leadership activities;
  • Letters for Enrollment Verification, Transcript Requests, Proof of Insurance, etc.
  • Provides third party billing services, student reimbursements, student and sponsor account monitoring, sponsored student cost analysis and projected budgets, and connect to university business offices.


For newly enrolled students, the $100.00 Property Deposit is a one-time fee per academic program which is not billed to the sponsor. This fee is a refundable fee paid to the student only when the student completes his/her academic program.

Whenever there is activity on a student’s account, the student will receive an email from Student Business Services. If a charge has been made that a sponsor will pay, SSP will insure that this charge be billed to the sponsor. If the student is responsible for the charge then this amount should be paid immediately to avoid late charges.

* Sponsored Students are responsible for any balances not paid by the sponsor.

Students should address any and all questions regarding charges appearing on their account by e-mail at sspfinance@tamu.edu, calling 979.845.1824 and asking to speak with Sponsored Student Programs. Students may call or come into ISS to schedule an appointment.

The Sponsored Student Programs team is dedicated to provide you with assistance and support.  We work together with sponsors to ensure a positive academic experience for your students.  Our assistance includes, but is not limited to:
  • Assists the Office of Contracts to develop and administer contracts for sponsors to support their students at Texas A&M University
  • Admissions assistance with flexible deadlines to accommodate sponsors and their students
  • Liaison for Sponsoring Agencies to communicate with Texas A&M University
  • Third party billing services, student reimbursements, student and sponsor account monitoring, sponsored student cost analysis and projected budgets
  • Providing information regarding academic programs
  • Coordination of application for Health Insurance Waivers
  • Providing academic reports such as end of semester transcripts.
  • Ensuring sponsor requirements regarding such matters as employment eligibility, internships, immigration status, reporting, etc. are met.
  • Guidance on the potential immigration status for students entering the U.S. in certain types of immigration status
  • Assistance with determining the cost of attendance for students who attend Texas A&M University
  • Coordination of visits to Texas A&M University from sponsoring agencies

*Please note that any information protected by U.S. FERPA and HIPPA laws will require a signed release from each sponsored student in order to release certain protected information.