David Swaim Webinar

Immigration Attorney Webinar
David Swaim, Attorney At Law
The Secret To Finding Jobs
Tuesday, November 10 at 4pm

David Swaim is an immigration attorney in Dallas, TX. He is the managing partner for Tidwell, Swaim & Associates.

This seminar will offer tips on job searching, how to better understand the immigration process, and H1-B visas. 

Register for the webinar at tx.ag/AttorneyDSWebinar

Mr. Swaim has been Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1991. He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Southern Methodist University School of Law.

For more information about Tidwell, Swaim & Associates and David Swaim please visit their website at https://tsalaw.com/
Event Details
DATE: Tuesday, November 10, 2020