Reporting Incidents

For all emergencies, where your personal safety or the safety of others is in immediate jeopardy, call the police using the 911 emergency telephone number from any telephone. (Remember, if you are calling from a campus phone and have to dial 9 to get to an external line, dial 9-911.) You can also use the emergency call boxes located in various places on campus, in University owned apartments, and in the community.

There are three emergency call boxes in the Northgate area, located at:
  • Cross St. and Nagle St.
  • Louise St.
  • Boyett St. and Cherry St.

If you are not sure how to operate an emergency call box, look carefully at one as you walk by it. For those on campus, just press the indicated button. For those in Northgate, you first have to open the box. There is a small black handle on the right side of the box. Press in the large black button on the handle and pull the handle toward you to open the box. Once open, there is a button to press, like the ones on campus. Remember, pressing the inside button will automatically call the police, and they will know which call box you are calling from. For more information, please refer to the Emergency Blue-Light Telephones page by University Police Department.

For any non-emergencies (or after an incident occurred that you didn't report but now want to report), you can either call the police or use the online reporting system that the local police offices have. Remember that to use online reporting, you need to report to the police office that has jurisdiction over the location of the INCIDENT. For example, if you live in Bryan, but you are harassed by someone on a street located in College Station, the incident should be reported to the College Station Police Department, not the Bryan Police Department. If you aren't sure where to report, just call any police department and they can direct you appropriately.

The online web addresses for making online reports of incidents and contact information for all the local police departments are listed below. To help protect your neighbors or others from experiencing problems, please encourage everyone you know to file reports when they occur. Remember, if you don't report incidents, no one can help prevent what happened to you from happening to someone else.

University Police Department
"To report any non-urgent situation, offense, suspicious circumstance, safety hazard, traffic complaint, or other police problem, you may either call 979-845-2345​... Every submission will be reviewed and appropriate action taken.​" as per the UPD webpage.
  • Emergency Telephone Number: 911
  • On-Campus Emergency Telephone Number: 9-911
  • Non-emergency Telephone Number : (979) 845-2345
  • Website
College Station Police Department
  • Emergency Telephone Number: 911
  • Non-emergency Telephone Number : (979) 764-3600
  • Website
Bryan Police Department
  • Emergency Telephone Number: 911
  • Non-emergency Telephone Number : (979) 209-5300
  • Website

Texas A&M University Non-Emergency Reporting