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Unfortunately, international students have been victims of crime while studying in the U.S. Most local incidents take place when walking or riding bicycles home from campus, alone, in the late evening or early hours of the morning. Students have reported a higher rate of incidents in the Northgate area than in other locations. Information about safety and the annual Texas A&M Campus Crime Report are located at University Police webISS.

ISS reminds all international students that it is critical to report all incidents to the police so that the entire community can remain safe. If police don't have reports of incidents as they occur, they are not aware that there is a problem with safety in particular areas of the city. If they are not aware of incidents, they can't direct additional patrols to those areas and prevent additional crimes, harassment, or other incidents from taking place.

Please refer to the Reporting Incidents: Emergency & Non-Emergency ISS for information on reporting incidents. If you are afraid to report an incident on your own or are unsure how to do so, please contact an ISS advisor for assistance at 979-845-1824.

Please refer to the Safety Tips ISS for general safety tips from the University Police Department Crime Prevention Unit on what you can do to prevent crimes from happening.

Please refer to the TAMU Emergency Preparedness webISS for Texas A&M University Emergency Procedures. Through the emergency notification system Code Maroon, Texas A&M University communicates health and safety information quickly by text message, email, KAMU-FM radio, campus cable television system, and emergency broadcast system radios. Please enroll in Code Maroon, if you wish to receive Code Maroon notifications by text and/or email messages.

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