OPT Employment Reporting Changes for International Students

Posted on Friday, Apr 01, 2016

Due to recent changes in federal reporting requirement for students on Optional Practical Training (OPT), International Student Services (ISS) has updated its employment reporting process. Students on OPT will no longer have access to the OPT Data System on the ISS website and should report employment information using the attached form.  This form can also be found on the ISS website at the following link: http://iss.tamu.edu/Current-Students/F-1-Status/Optional-Practical-Training.

All F-1 international students on OPT should complete the attached form and submit the completed copy along with their name, UIN, and type of request to ISS@tamu.edu as soon as possible.  Please note that SEVIS now requires this additional information and, without it, your employment will not be updated properly, which may result in the termination of your SEVIS record by USCIS.  SEVP is also monitoring unemploment time for all students on OPT and will automatically terminate the SEVIS records of students that exceed 90 days of unemployment for initial OPT periods and 120 days of unemployment for STEM OPT periods.

Additionally, if you have not already done so, please complete the following actions as soon as possible:
  • Update your phone number, non-TAMU email address, and local address (Student Local Mailing) via the “Former Student” tab in the Howdy Portal (http://howdy.tamu.edu).  Your local address should be the one at which you reside (and receive mail) while you are on OPT.  It should not be a P.O. Box. For further instructions on how to update your address, please see the attached form or visit http://iss.tamu.edu/ISS/media/ISS-Files/ISS-PDF/Current%20Students/AddressUpdateHandout.pdf.
  • Provide ISS with a copy of your Post-Completion OPT and/or your 17-month STEM Extension EAD card (front and back) by emailing it to iss@tamu.edu.
  • Notify ISS if your employment status, housing information, or visa category changes. If you have been approved for a Change of Status to a different visa category and are no longer on an F-1 visa, please submit your Change of Status Approval Notice (Form I-797) and/or a copy of your new visa to ISS@tamu.edu so that your Texas A&M University and SEVIS record can be updated appropriately.
As a reminder, all F-1 students on OPT are required to report their employment status and work address while on Optional Practical Training (OPT). U.S. federal regulations require individuals on F-1 status to report any change of employment, change of address, or loss of employment within 10 days of the change to the school that recommended the OPT. You must report the end of your employment by submitting a new OPT Employment Reporting Form to ISS and submitting the End of Employment Form if you are on a STEM Extension.  Your OPT reporting requirement starts from the start date on your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card. While on a 17-month STEM Extension, students are required to update their employment information every six months, regardless of whether an update was submitted in the intervening months. 
If you need additional information about this, please contact ISS at 979-845-1824.
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