About ISS

What is ISS?

International Student Services (ISS) administers a wide variety of services to the international community of Texas A&M. The mission of ISS is to facilitate international students’ admittance to the United States, to assist in the compliance with U.S. immigration regulations, to advance international students’ transition to life in the United States at Texas A&M, to promote interactions between domestic and international populations, and to be of service to international students from the beginning of their academic programs until their post-study careers. In addition to issuing documents for students to obtain non-immigrant visas to study at the University, the office provides counseling and information in the areas of immigration, employment, medical insurance, income taxes, and adjustment to the United States. 

Visiting ISS

Due to COVID-19, students MUST book a 10 minute front desk appointment in order to visit us in the Pavillion. You may book your 10 minute front desk appointment at https://swan.tamu.edu/iss. Same-day appointments may not always be available. 

Our office is located at:

Pavillion Room 110
MS 1226
College Station, TX 77843 

We are open Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm while the University is open. This includes most of the winter and summer breaks while school is not in session.  To see when the University is closed, please visit the University Academic Calendar found at http://registrar.tamu.edu/Catalogs,-Policies-Procedures/Academic-Calendar.

Need to find visitor parking on campus? Click here


Services available at our office: 

In order to receive services at your front desk, you must schedule a front desk appointment at https://swan.tamu.edu/iss.
  • Document Pick-Up: Bring student I.D. card or any official photo I.D.
  • Document Drop-Off: This option is currently unavilable due to the COVID-19 situation. Please see our COVID-19 FAQ for more information. Beginning October 1st, 2020, ISS will no longer be accepting physical documentation to intiate student requests. Instead, students will use the Terra Dotta portal to create and submit requests directly to ISS. Please see our Terra Dotta page for more information about the implementation.
  • Quick Clarification: Our representatives can quickly answer basic questions you may have about your F or J visa status. 
  • Scheduling Appointments: If your situation or question is more complicated, our ISS representatives will schedule you an appointment with an ISS advisor based on current availability. You can also call 979-845-1824 to schedule an appointment.
  • Appointments with ISS advisors: These must be booked at least one day in advance. Our advisors have specified times each week when they are available to meet with students. These appointments can be 30 minutes or one hour, depending on the complexity of the question. At this time, we do not offer same-day appointments, meaning you must book your appointment ahead of time. Keep in mind that during busy seasons our appointments can be booked weeks in advance. Due to COVID-19 appointments will be conducted via the phone or through Zoom. 

Can't Visit the Office? Contact Us Here

Our phone number is 979-845-1824.
*Call waiting times can vary depending on how many calls we are receiving. 

Our email is iss@tamu.edu. Please include your name and UIN in the email. 
*Our office receives anywhere from 100-300 emails every day. If you have an urgent situation, please call our office. 

Our fax number is 979-862-4633.
*Please note that we do not accept requests from students through fax.

Our mailing address is:
International Student Services
1226 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-1226 
*For students, please do not write in our mailing address as your personal mailing address on any official documentation, including the I-765 application.

Experiencing an Emergency:

If you are or another student is being detained by a government official or are having problems at the US port-of-entry, call 979-845-1824 and press 2.  This will take you to the ISS call center.  While this service is available at all times, please only use it for emergency situations. More information can be found at http://iss.tamu.edu/Current-Students/Safety-Information/Informing-ISS-about-an-Emergency.


Scheduling an Appointment

We understand that immigration policies are hard to understand, and our advisors are here to help! Currently the only way to schedule an appointment with an ISS advisor is by speaking with an ISS representative via phone or in person. Please do not email iss@tamu.edu to request an appointment. Our ISS representatives who answer the phones and work at the front counter are trained to answer basic immigration questions and know when it is necessary to schedule an appointment. At this time, we cannot offer same-day appointments with advisors.

​Submitting a Request to ISS

ISS is in the process of transitioning all paper and email requests submitted to our office into electronic records housed in Terra Dotta. As we continue this process, more programs will become available to international students allowing them to submit requests directly into Terra Dotta without having to email documents to iss@tamu.edu or visit our office in person. 

For more information about each request and how to submit, please visit our Terra Dotta page. On this page, we have a detailed list of which requests must be submitted via the Terra Dotta system and which requests can be submitted via email.

Submitting a request in person:

*NOTE: Currently we are not accepting documents dropped off in person. Please submit your request using one of the two methods above.